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In the harsh Queensland climate, a little shade can go a long way towards keeping you and your family comfortable. More and more families are choosing to install external awnings because they provide great benefits such as protection against rising temperatures, intense UV rays and blinding glare!

Using the latest components, our window awnings Brisbane will provide the best protection for you and your family against the harsh climate. We offer a wide variety of awning systems, styles and colours; you can choose the best shade solution for your home. We’re confident you’ll find a window awning system that best suits you and your home or workplace.


Fitting an awning or shutters to the outside of a multi storey building could impinge on the buildings performance in several important areas including fire safety, light & ventilation, structural safety due to wind loads and aesthetics approved by the local authority planning scheme. The QBCC reccomends that any alterations to an existing building should be considered in consultation with a building certifier to ensure that building occupant and public safety is not compromised.



With the flexibility and ease of a Folding Arm Awning Brisbane, you can choose when you would like to enjoy the sun or shade yourself from harsh temperatures and UV. We install a wide range of Window Awnings Brisbane that fold away in moments with shading solutions that are manual, motorised or automatically sensored.


With its modern styling and incredible ability to shield areas from heat and UV, our canvas awnings Brisbanesystems are becoming very popular. We offer canvas an array of colours and patterns enabling you to find the material that best suits your home that not only keep the heat and glare out but keep things dry when it rains.

We believe that we have some of the best Window awnings Brisbane has to offer and window awnings are becoming more and more common because of their outstanding practicality. They can cover a patio or deck to provide a nicely shaded area from the sun – reducing glare and heat entering into the home so that you can still enjoy the day!


If you are looking for a less intrusive system to keep your home cool and shielded from the weather, perhaps an external sunscreen is the right choice for you. These sunscreens are a great way to control the temperature inside your home or office. They also look fantastic on the outside of any building.

These systems are able to block up to 90% of heat rays and glare, keeping the inside of your home comfortable when it is blistering outside. For times when the weather is perfect, sunscreens retract with ease to let you enjoy the day. With an incredible range of styles, colours and sizes, you are sure to find something to suit your style, your home and your budget!

All of our Window Awnings Brisbane come in different styles, designs, fabrics, and operating systems from trusted and reliable manufacturers. When you purchase a unique window awning system from Timber Venetians and Shutters Direct, you are getting the highest quality product possible!

We distribute some of the best Window Awnings Brisbane has to offer! Contact Us Today for more information on the various systems that we have available! 

Our aim is to help you find the perfect option for you, your family and your home or office!