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Plantation shutters are available in a variety of materials. Click on the links below for further details or give Andrew a call to discuss.

Timber Shutters

Internal product for dry areas.

WRC Shutters

Most versatile product, all areas, painted, oiled or stained.

Paulownia Shutters

Similar to WRC, light weight and strong eco-friendly timber.

Poly Resin or PVC Shutters

Internal product appropriate for wet areas.

Aluminium External Shutters

Mostly an external product, strong and durable. Matt & gloss options.

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Which type of shutter should I choose?

There are three main material types used for shutters at Shutters Direct Paddington: 

1. TimberTimber is the traditional choice of material for Plantation Shutters and have many advantages. Primarily, they are a lighter option to PVC and Aluminium so can span greater widths for larger panels. They are of course a natural material and suit houses that have a predominance of timber already present. They do have limitations, and generally speaking, aren’t as suited to areas with high moisture like bathrooms. High moisture or allowing shutters to get wet can cause timber to swell over time and can create hairline cracks in the paintwork. Options are basswood, paulownia or western red cedar.

2. Poly Resin: PVC or Poly Resin (several different names fall into this category) is a water resistant material, easy to clean and are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. They also provide great insulation and are structurally strong so are a great choice for most Shutter applications. Our Poly Resin Shutters are painted the same way as timber, so aesthetically look almost identical to Timber. All the shutters from Shutters Direct Paddington are painted with a water based low VOC paint, are made from the highest quality composite materials and have a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Aluminium: Aluminium is one of the most durable materials for Shutter construction and provides higher levels of security and excellent corrosion protection. They are suited to both internal and external purposes, however is particularly suited for external applications. Our aluminium Shutters at Paddington are supported by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Which is the most durable shutter type?

This generally depends on where Shutters are required. Poly Resin is an excellent choice in any internal area. They can even be used in external areas with an external grade paint. As with any product, with care and good housekeeping, they should last a lifetime.

Are Plantation shutters a worthwhile investment?

Plantation shutters are both attractive and low maintenance and because they are considered a permanent part of your house they adds value to your home in a variety of ways. Shutters generally have a longer lifespan than curtains as material degrades faster in the sun. Financially, you will save on heating and cooling costs due to the insulative properties. Aesthetically enhances the look and feel of your property. 

Can shutters reduce my energy bills?

Because they are mounted on a frame that surrounds your window shutters can significantly reduce light and heat generated by direct sunlight saving you money on your energy bills.

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