Roller and Blackout Blinds


Roller blinds are smooth and quiet to operate. All blinds come standard with a chain control but can be motorised – allowing you to lift or lower them at the touch of a button. There are also benefits in a linked system where a number of individual blinds can be linked together enabling you to open a whole space or sections at a time.

The variety of styles, materials and colours ensure that you receive the internal and/oexternal blinds Brisbane weather requires. Choose from options that provide full blockout, translucent, or light filtering. Our products are custom designed so you can be sure that they will perfectly fit your windows, suit your needs and provide you a stylish home!

Blockout blinds look fantastic and provide complete protection from glare, heat, UV and other unpleasant weather – full visibility when opened and privacy when closed! These blockout Roller Blinds Brisbane have options for side channels ensuring that absolutely no light can filter in and are the best choice to install in areas such as the baby room, media room and/or bedroom for shift workers. Add a pelmet for a clean finish.

Solving the problem of privacy, light and blockout is the dual bracket system which allows the neat fit of two blinds (for example: translucent and blockout) on top of each other easily operated on one window.

A new product on the market is the layered blind. This revolutionary blind is crafted from lightweight sheer fabrics that combine opaque and transparent strips to form a double layered blind. This enables layers to move between varying levels of light control and privacy so you can completely close them or open them to allow a view between the strips and can be raised or lowered to the desired height just like a Roller Blind.


Motorisation and automation gives you a variety of options! Motorised blinds can be hard wired, battery operated, rechargable or run off an easily installed solar panel. Remote control (single channel or multi channel) your blinds manually or pre set the open & closing times to suit your every day. With the addition of a specialised 'hub', connect to your wifi for google home or alexa (etc) apps enabling you to control your motorised blinds from anywhere, whether in bed or out of town! Whisper quiet and able to lift large blinds. 


Most rollers can be upgraded to a motorised roller, contact us for a quote on a new whisper quiet motor you can have up and running in a week*!

*time line will depend on roller compatability

Experience & Repairs

Andrew has been installing blinds and shutters for nearly 5 years now and has a wide range of experience and knowledge on all blinds and shutters Brisbane. He is also able to do repairs on most shutters and blinds. Send him through a quick pic on the mobile and he'll be able to let you know if we can repair your old broken blinds or shutters.