Made from tough Poly Resin, this composite material is painted to match our timber shutters. Poly Resin is a similar product to ABS Shutters or PVC Shutters. They are water resistant and highly durable, so are an excellent choice for wet areas like Bathrooms or the Ensuite. They may also be your best option for Kitchen and Laundry areas as well. Single centre stile panels range from 650mm to 1200mm. Standard panels with side rod or clear view tilt mechanisms have a minimum width of 300mm with maximum widths dependent on the style of installation method required (note that PVC is slightly heavier than timber).

Our custom made shutters are manufactured to the highest standards and made specific to each job. Our Poly Resin shutters Brisbane Warehouse is available by appointment to view at your convenience. Any style window, doorway or opening in or around the house or office can be accommodated, whether it be fixed shutters for a wall niche or sliding shutters for your doorway.

Our great range at our Brisbane shutters warehouse will allow you to choose the best option for your needs. There is a wide variety of colours and blade styles to choose from. Blade sizes are 64mm or 89mm Aerofoil Blade or a traditional flat profile that block out glare and heat, allowing a continual flow of air throughout the home. Shutters do not provide 100% light blockage however light gaps can be significantly reduced with the right frames. All of our shutter products are effective in providing excellent shade, ventilation, UV protection and heat reduction inside your home.

Our PVC shutters come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.